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Having a plant in my office makes a big difference in my happiness level :)

Having a plant in my office makes a big difference in my happiness level :)

— 6 days ago
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I Try - Macy Gray

This song popped up on this rainy Saturday while I was outside somewhere. One of the songs from the good ole’ days and perfect for this type of weather. 

— 3 weeks ago
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So, I watched Sunmi’s 24 hours because of the video linked here. 

Yoo Jae Suk’s 24 Hours. 


— 3 weeks ago
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너여야 (It’s You) - 야광토끼 (Neon Bunny)

The feels. 

— 1 month ago
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For the first time…

in at least 10 years, I got sick. Sore throat, congested nasal passage, itchy eyes and you know that voice that tells the whole world you’re sick. It’s an odd experience since I haven’t been sick since… 4th or 5th grade? Back then, I got a fever so they called my mom and I slept on my desk and by the time she got to school to pick me up, I think I was all better. I know, weird. 

So yeah, got sick and this one is taking it’s sweet time. But I don’t mind too much. It reminds me that I’m not invincible, and I’m not so I don’t see the harm in that. 

Oh and bitter cold temps, please go away. 

— 1 month ago
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Never - Jo Sung Mo

Oh my gosh. I just watched this because of his appearance on Hidden Singer and I totally teared up at the end. 


— 1 month ago
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It’s about time I posted something. It’s been weeks!

But all I want to say is that I’m hooked on, “You Who Came From the Stars.” Totally didn’t mean to, or even expect to start watching it, but thanks to Running Man, I did. Anyway, that is all. 

— 2 months ago
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I was messing with this track and made this on accident, this has to be the scariest thing I have EVER heard in my life. It sounds like a horror movie song, I am literal terrified of this and had to share it with you.

alternate universe wherein Anna freezes to death and comes back as a horrifying undead wight with a misshapen, throbbing mass of mutated snow olafs that roll after you. She roams the halls, knocking on doors, searching for Elsa… come play, Elsa….


You are the only reason I like this monstrosity of an audio clip ;-;

I was waiting for art to be made for this LOL

D̫̗̖̫͜O̟̲̭̟ ̠̰͘Y̳̪O͎͚͓̠ͅU̷ ̞W̹̕A͕͕̹̱̲NT͈͎̥̝̺̫ ̜̳̝͎̥͕̘TO͉ B̸̗UI͟L͕̱D̷̻̼̱̞ ̰̘̺̻͕̼̥͝À̩ ͉̣̘͔̠̝̲͘S̵͕̣͍N̤̣͖̠͇̜O̶̮W̟̪͖̻̜ͅM̙̫͖̻̳̞AN̡͔̠͙?̤͈͍

Elsa…. Elsa it’s cold…

this is my first frozen fanart and im sorry



I thought the movie was, “meh” but this song is awesome!

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Can someone tell me which Justin Bieber the Beliebers are fans of? The younger, more innocent Justin Bieber or the headline crashing Bieber who doesn’t really seem to give a crap about anything? There’s a before and after obviously. So are there two groups of Beliebers?

— 3 months ago
New Year’s Resolutions?

I typically don’t set any. 

But I do have a theme for this year, and it’s love. To love me, love you, love God, and well, if I find love, that’ll be a sweet bonus.

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