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Oh boo. My super old LiveJournal account was purged and deleted. 

Not that I wrote much in it, but it was like my secret space. Wonder what kinds of stuff I wrote on that outlet. 

— 2 days ago

We’d talked about going to the beach at night and walking beside the sound of the crashing waves, going camping and sitting under the glistening stars… or at least I thought we did. It was only later on that she’d realized that she had been the only one talking. “We” had never been part of the equation.  

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Mercury Inn, 273 State Street, Portland, Maine →

Mercury Inn. So perfect. 

Really hoping this summer trip happens. 

— 3 days ago
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Good to You - 2NE1

The lyrics are so good. Teddy and GD. You guys never fail to amaze me. 

You love her but her kiss is a lie….you kiss her but your love is a lie

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가끔씩 내가 미칠때가 있다.
지금은 내가 바로 완전히 미치기 전이다.
나좀 구해 주소.

— 1 week ago

One Summer Night - 김형중 - 이소은 - (Chelsia Chan - 陳秋霞 - 진추하)

Sweet song, but the clay figures kind of freaked me out. 

— 1 week ago
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The questions you don’t want to ask because you already know what the answers will be. Answers you don’t want verbalized and made real. 

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If I were You - 2NE1

— 1 week ago
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Going camping at the end of the month. Looking forward to getting away from this concrete jungle…

— 1 week ago